RAD fam at May Day #ServerForAnHour event at Madears in Manchester (L to R – Rep. Maria Perez, Melissa Sandoval, Anthony Harris, Amanda Elizabeth, and Amy Hathaway.)


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With the warm weather rolling in and more vaccines rolling out,  we were thrilled to kick off this month with live in-person events for May Day. We gathered with dozens of attendees and grassroots labor, environmental, and community organizations from across the state, to stand in solidarity with workers at an International Workers Day rally on the State House lawn in Concord. Amid the inspiring speeches (including many of our incredible allies), it was fantastic to see so many familiar faces not in a Zoom meeting.

As many of you know, pushing for a $15 minimum wage is a key area of our work. And what better day than May Day to advocate for a liveable wage and good working conditions? Following the rally, we co-hosted a #ServerForAnHour event in which 10 State Legislative Leaders were “servers for an hour” at Madear’s Southern Eatery & Bakery, drawing attention to the struggles of restaurant employees earning the subminimum tipped wage, and highlighting the need for $15 an hour. Thanks to everyone who came out and helped to make it a powerful day.

We have a lot happening this month and May Day was a hopeful way to usher in the next phase of our work and the beginnings of life beyond the pandemic. We are really looking forward to seeing more of everyone soon.

Always in solidarity,

Isaac Grimm, New Hampshire Organizing Director



We are still fighting the Divisive Concepts amendment that would prohibit schools and universities, state offices and state contractors from engaging in discussion on racism and sexismOver 200 people signed up to speak out against this dangerous legislation in Tuesday’s budget hearing. Thank you all – we cannot stop now! Sign the petition, email your legislators, and get involved!



The American Rescue Plan Act will bring over $2 billion in relief funds to New Hampshire, but what will that look like? On Thursday, May 13th, join RAD, NH Youth Movement, 603 Forward and Granite State Progress for a closer examination of this major relief package and what it means for New Hampshire. Register here.


Our movement needs champions to step up and run for office. This month – more local candidate trainings! Our How to Run & Win series has proven its effectiveness time and again for progressive candidates inNew Hampshire seeking local office. Join us for May’s How to Run & Win Local Candidate Training! This event is open to anyone interested in running for office.


Wow – what a talk! On Tuesday, author and professor Ian López, joined our Movement Politics Directors, Kiah and Asma, for a conversation on race, how it has been weaponized in this country, and how we build a strong race-class narrative to unite us and get us closer to a thriving multi racial democracy. This is a must see and you can watch it here.