Open dialogue on the realities of racism and sexism in the Granite State is critical to achieving a multiracial democracy where Black, Brown and White communities can thrive together. These conversations make our communities stronger and enable more inclusive and equitable programs and policies in our state.

The “Divisive Concepts” amendment to budget bill HB 2 would prevent necessary conversations and training on racial and gender justice, and would silence the voices and experiences of those most impacted by injustices, in our New Hampshire schools and state agencies. Whether it is access to wealth in the form of loans, being targeted by police, or access to healthcare, the systems we have created in this state and this country make it harder for people of color, and we need to name that in order to move forward. The “Divisive Concepts”  budget amendment aims to deny reality, divide our communities, and suppress the dialogue that would advance us toward the future we all seek.

By understanding the origins of systemic racism and sexism and the ways in which they continue to harm all of us, we can continue moving toward a society, here in New Hampshire and beyond, in which all of us can live with freedom and dignity as full participants in a multiracial democracy. To do so, we must stop proposals that would silence conversation and enable racist and sexist ideas and systems to persist. 

Our government has helped perpetuate systemic oppression and has a corresponding responsibility to be part of dismantling it. We call on our legislators to do the right thing and stand against this attack on equity, justice, freedom and democracy by opposing the “Divisive Concepts” amendment to the budget bill HB 2.

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