Stand up for fairer funding for ALL public schools in the Granite State!

Strengthen Public Education in New Hampshire

In 2018, New Hampshire’s public schools were threatened by a dangerous school voucher bill that would have siphoned millions of taxpayer dollars from local school districts. But a sustained, public outcry defeated the bill and protected public schools!

We need that same public outcry now to address our unequal school funding system. Too many public schools are struggling to keep teachers, or even prevent their schools from closing. We need to overhaul our funding system so that ALL children in New Hampshire, no matter where they live, receive a high quality education.

Volunteer with Rights & Democracy to protect and improve public education.


We—parents, taxpayers, and supporters of public education—urge state legislators and Gov. Chris Sununu to uphold these basic principles:

  • Every child, regardless of their income level, zip code, race, or ability deserves a quality education, as a right not a privilege.
  • New Hampshire should invest in our public schools to build strong communities and our future leaders.
  • We will protect our public schools from being dismantled at the federal and state levels and work to provide all students with a quality public education.