Join us to fight for all Granite Staters!

Medicare for All NH

Health care costs are skyrocketing across the country and a lack of access to care continues to drive individuals, families, and businesses to the breaking point.

We are committed to fighting for health care as a human right that should be guaranteed by our government. We rise up for a health care system that supports healthy people and communities, not the profits of drug and insurance corporations. And we fight for a health care system that guarantees care for all; at the time we need it, regardless of where we live or who we are.

Principles we are working to advance:

  • Medicare for All
  • Health care is a human right
  • Public (publicly held and run and democratically accountable)
  • For health, not profit
  • Simple, comprehensive, available to all at no cost
  • Racial, gender, ability, and regional equity
  • Reproductive health is health care
  • Caring for the people who care for us (rights of health care workers)
  • Health care institutions run by and for our communities

As an example, Rights & Democracy worked to ensure that Medicaid Expansion was renewed in New Hampshire. We also worked to stop the Medicaid work requirements which were regrettably passed into law. However, in 2019 that work requirement was struck down in the courts.

It is clear that health care is a top concern of people throughout the Granite State. In a recent survey, almost two-out-of-three people (65%) ranked themselves as very concerned about “access to quality, affordable health care.” This is in line with many national polls, which finds that health care costs are a top concern of Americans. Health care was the top concern in all regions of New Hampshire, both the Southeast counties which are more populous and the State’s rural counties. Health care is a major concern of both men and women and adults of all ages.

If you’re ready to join a passionate group of people fighting to ensure that EVERYONE in our state has access to affordable healthcare, join us!  We are building out a national campaign with our partners at People’s Action to fight for an Improved Medicare for All.