Calling all members – new and old – the Membership Assembly is on the horizon!

Every year, our members come together to reflect upon and celebrate our work, deepen our relationships, renew our commitment to this movement, and strategize for the year ahead. With everything we’ve been through this past year and the critical midterm elections beginning in 2022, we have much to plan and discuss.

This year, we are delighted that Pennsylvania State Representative Summer Lee and Working Families Party National Director Maurice Mitchell will be joining us as keynote speakers!

We will also be celebrating some of our founding staff, Executive Director James Haslam and NH Organizing Director Isaac Grimm, as they will transition out of their roles within RAD in the coming year and support new leaders in taking the mantle and moving forward.

Participants will have a choice between three breakout workshops: Race-Class Academy, Direct Action Training, and Movement Politics & Movement Governance.


Whether you’ve been with us from our start that sunny Labor Day in Burlington six years ago or just learned about us this year, we’re eager to come together and build on our foundation as a leading people’s movement.