Dear Community, 

This was a historic week with the inauguration of a new president and executive orders that rescinded the previous administrations harmful executive orders. Though this is a step in the right direction, we believe more can and should be done and we’re working to drive change in our communities. You can read more in this piece on the recent executive orders and Granite Staters responses. 

There are two hearings this week on critical bills, one positive and one harmful, that we encourage you all to testify at.

You can also check out information about other bills of interest coming up this week as well.

**SB-61: “Right to Work” for Less – HEARING THIS TUESDAY 9:30am! 

Sign up here to testify against this bill to the Senate Commerce Committee.

This legislation is drafted by out-of-state corporate interests as an attack on unions, and would lower wages and harm workers’ rights in NH for generations.  

**SB-73: Green Housing Retrofits –  HEARING THIS THURSDAY 9:00am! 

Sign up here to testify in favor to the Senate Finance Committee.

This bill will create a study committee that will help low or moderate income residents with their bills while moving us towards green housing goals. 

See more info & talking points about both these bills below.

Last week in the legislature there were discussions around two police bills in the Senate Judiciary Committee that were positive and one that was dangerous. Rights and Democracy offered testimony on all these bills. There were also voting rights bills. A positive voting rights bill and a negative one. Please READ HERE  for more info on important bills from last week and actions still needed on these bills. 

Our Legislature continues to protect white supremacists as they again target legislators speaking out against white supremacists in our legislature or in the community. Please see below for the action on Wednesday over Zoom on this.

The Republican Senate announced their agenda for this year. It’s worth looking at where they will focus their attention, and you can find the full agenda here.

“Right to Work” for Less – Further info:

The Republicans aren’t waiting! SB-61’s public hearing is scheduled for this coming Tuesday, the 26th, @ 930am.   It is a virtual meeting, so providing testimony is as simple as joining a zoom call! 

This anti-worker bill is a clear priority for the Republicans, we need to show up strong from the get-go in order to stop this before it gains momentum. If you need help preparing testimony, that is something we can help with!  If you plan to attend, please sign up here, and please share out the Facebook event.

You can find all the details below on joining the bill hearing: 

Link to join Zoom Webinar:  or call 1-301-715-8592

To sign in to speak, register your position on a bill and/or submit testimony, use this link: The following email will be monitored throughout the meeting by someone who can assist with and alert the commission to any technical issues: or call (603-271-6931).

Some helpful resources: 


Green Housing Retrofits further info:

SB-73 will be heard in Senate Finance this Thursday at 9:00am. This bill, who’s primary sponsor is Senator Donna Soucy, will create a study committee to create a powerful plan to help low or moderate income residents with their bills while moving us towards safer, sustainable housing goals. 

Legislation Description: 

This bill would establish a commission consisting of key stakeholders to study green housing and utility source options for low to moderate income communities and effectively map out a strategy for development and expansion of green housing initiatives in New Hampshire. 

This committee would study how to encourage development projects that create well-compensated jobs renovating affordable housing units, installing rooftop solar panels, and carrying out environmental remediation projects, such as building micro-grids and replacing lead pipes, in front line communities. This would not only increase the safety and efficiency of low and moderate housing communities but also provide much needed job creation to help us recover from the pandemic induced recession in our state. 

The findings of this study would determine how to make electricity more affordable for low and moderate income communities through an initiative that directs utility companies to complete a percentage of retrofits over a multi-year period, and ensures the cost of the retrofits is not passed on to low-income housing residents.

Qualifying projects shall be based on green building standards, designed to minimize environmental impacts, reduce waste, and promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources. Qualifying projects may include the installation of solar panels and the replacement of lead pipes.



In case you missed it, you can watch the full “Do Police Belong in Schools” episode on The Traverse here.

Tuesday, Jan 26th – Texting Tuesday (5-7pm)

Wednesday, Jan 27th – Wednesday Phonebank for Justice! (5-7:15pm)

Wednesday, Jan 27th (7pm) No Racist Granite State – BLM Seacoast and Manchester, and others along with Rights & Democracy. Facebook page

Thursday, Jan 28th – Training: $15 & Getting Business Owners on Board (6-7pm)

In solidarity,

Asma Elhuni, NH Movement Politics Director