It’s International Women’s Day. As we consider the upcoming week, we are thinking particularly of how developments in our state and federally impact New Hampshire women and femme-identified folks.

With recent developments in the NH Legislature, is critical that we keep making our voices heard on the priorities we support for our collective future, as well as to oppose attacks on our communities’ rights and basic needs. There are opportunities to keep pushing our legislators to vote the right way on the floor. You can use this weekly update for the links you need to take action.

Top Actions for This Week

RAD events:

  1. Monday – Join our weekly Legislative Overview on Zoom (5-6pm)
  2. Wednesday – Join our weekly Phonebank for Justice (5-7pm) to move others to take action – testify, call, email, write – on critical issues and legislation

Quick Actions:

  1. Raise the Wage AccountabilityContact Senators Hassan & Shaheen, tell them you are disappointed in their vote against including $15/hr in the COVID relief bill, and call on them to do better. You can email our Senators using this form
  2. Have you ever been on Medicaid?  Take our survey Understanding Barriers to Medicaid Access” to help us advocate for improved healthcare access! 
  3. Climate JusticeTell Biden to include the entire THRIVE Agenda in his climate plan!
  4. Racial Justice– We are still urging our legislators to sign on to the No Racist Granite State pledge. Please reach out to your reps and demand they sign. 

Bills We Are Watching This Week

Monday, March 8th

Bill hearings we were watching on Monday included two bills in the Municipal and County Government Committee, HB 341 (SUPPORT), relative to permissible residential units in a residential zone, and HB 266 (OPPOSE), relative to enforcement of immigration laws and the prohibition of sanctuary policies.

As you may have heard, there are also attacks on voting rights happening in New Hampshire and beyond. Click here to learn more about the bill hearings we were watching in the Election Law and Municipal Affairs Committee.

Tuesday, March 9th


  • 8:30am, SB 137 (OPPOSE) This bill would change the hourly rate for tipped employees to $3.27, contingent upon an increase in the federal minimum wage. This would allow employers to continue to pay tipped employees substandard wages, even if there is a federal increase.
  • 8:45am, SB 136 (SUPPORT, but should be amended to increase tipped sub-minimum wage) – Raises the minimum wage to $12 by 2024.

Click here to register your position on these bills. Call in to the hearing on Zoom using this link, or dial in at 1-312-626-6799. 

Wednesday, March 10th


  • 10:30am, HB 615-FN, reducing the penalty for certain first offense drug possession charges (SUPPORT). Click here to register your position. Join the hearing on Zoom using this link or dial in at 1-929-205-6099. 

***See other important bill hearings coming up this week HERE***

Recap from Last Week

  • Last week in the Legislature, both our priority bills on reducing penalties for drug possession were voted inexpedient to legislate (ITL). The Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee heard HB 511 and HB 526 together. You can watch the hearing here, starting at hour 5:02:46, and the Executive Session and vote starting at 7:52:00.
  • Our second Priority bill, SB 73, on creating a commission to study green housing and utility source options, was also voted inexpedient to legislate (ITL). 
  • Unfortunately, HB 544, a bill that would, in essence, prohibit state funded entities from offering trainings on systemic racism, passed out of committee. Please call or write to your representatives and demand that they vote against this dangerous bill when it goes to a floor vote. Click here to find your representative.