ABOVE: Asma Elhuni speaking at the Stop AAPI Hate Rally hosted by the NH AAPI Democrats Caucus on the steps of the NH State House this past Saturday. 

At Rights & Democracy, we stand in solidarity with the Asian American Pacific Islander community and will continue to fight hate and work to bring light to this issue, until we can ensure that everyone can live free of the fear of violence enabled by racism and hate.

Learn more about how you can help support the AAPI community right here in New Hampshire.

We hope this week’s legislative update finds you all healthy, safe, and well. Here’s the topline actions of the week on worker’s rights, racial justice, and immigration.

Top Priority Actions You Can Take This Week


Testify Thursday, March 25th:

OPPOSE SB 61 “Right to Work” for Less at 10am in the House Labor Committee.

This anti-union bill already passed the Senate and must be defeated in the House. Sign in to register your opposition, testify if you can, and reach out to the committee directly to demand they reject this bill. To join the webinar: www.zoom.us/j/98630616522 or call in: 1-929-205-6099

Write your representative and demand:

  • Opposition on the racist bill HB 544. This bill is a copy of Trump’s executive order that Biden overturned and is one of the most dangerous bills in the legislature this session. It has passed committee and will be going to a full vote.
  • Opposition on anti-immigrant bill HB 266 this bill targets immigrants by prohibiting towns from passing welcoming ordinances that protect immigrants’ rights. It has passed committee and will be going to a full floor vote by April 8th.

Read the full list of upcoming hearings.


This week’s legislative events:

Additional ways to help:

Last Week


OTP: Ought to Pass, a recommendation by the committee indicating that the committee supports the bill, but has not fully passed into law.

ITL: Inexpedient to Legislate, the bill is dead and will not be considered.

Tabled: The House or Senate may vote again on the bill someday, but for now the bill has been set aside. If the session ends and the bill has not been taken off the table, the bill dies.

Omnibus: a single document that is accepted in a single vote by a legislature but packages together several measures into one or combines diverse subjects.

Ought to Pass

SB 91 Adopting omnibus legislation on renewable energy, utilities, and net metering.

SB 146 Adopting omnibus legislation relative to the environment. 

SB 149 Adopting omnibus legislation on health and human services. 

SB 126 Adopting omnibus legislation on landlord tenant proceedings. 

SB 151 Relative to renewable energy procurement. Referred to the Finance Committee.

Inexpedient to Legislate

SB 136, which would have placed a minimum wage of $10 with projected growth to $12 by 2024.


SB 159 Establishing the department of children’s services and juvenile justice. 

SB 90 Adopting omnibus legislation on redistricting.

More Legislative Resources

Tips for testifying:

Sign in as soon as you can to register your position on a bill. You can submit your position as early as a week out from a hearing; registration is cut off before 8:00 am the day of a hearing. The earlier you register, the more likely you are to give oral testimony.

Senate – Testimony/Signing in:

  • Register your position and/or submit testimony on a Senate bill here

(Senate Remote Testimony and Sign in Directions)

  • Find the Senate Calendar here (meeting links are in the Calendar Notice pdf)

House – Testimony/Signing in:

  • Register your position and/or submit testimony on a House bill here

            (House Remote Testimony and Sign in Directions)

Call and email your representatives directly: