This weekly resource, brought to you by RAD NH Movement Politics Director Asma Elhuni, is a great way to stay informed about upcoming bill hearings and additional ways you can take action. A few reminders:

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  • If you wish to register your position or testify on a bill, make sure to do so by 8am on the day of the hearing.
  • You can register your position on any Senate bill using this link and any House bill using this link.
  • If you want to contact your legislators directly, find contact information for your representatives here and your senator here.

Top Actions for This Week

RAD events:

  1. Monday – Join our weekly Legislative Overview on Zoom (5-6pm)
  2. Wednesday – Join our weekly Phonebank for Justice (5-7pm) to move others to take action – testify, call, email, write – on critical issues and legislation

Quick Actions:

  1. Have you ever been on Medicaid?  Take our survey Understanding Barriers to Medicaid Access”
  2. Raise the Wage – Urge our Federal Delegation – cosponsor the Raise the Wage Act! 
  3. Climate JusticeTell Biden to make the THRIVE Agenda his climate plan!
  4. Housing Justice – Tell Sununu: Use Federal Funds to Address Our Housing Crisis!

Mark Your Calendar:

A high-priority RAD defelonization bill is being heard this coming Monday. Make sure to register your position and sign up to testify in advance! Here is the information:

  • Monday, March 1st, 1:30pm: House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee – HB 511-FN, “defelonizing” possession (SUPPORT). See talking points, click here to sign in and/or testify, and access the Zoom webinar here.

Bills to Testify On This Week

Check HERE for a lengthier list of relevant upcoming hearings and tips for taking action

Monday, February 22nd:

House Legislative Administration Committee

  • 10:30am HB588; a study committee on maintaining a virtual option for participation in the legislative committee. (SUPPORT) Click here to sign in and/or testify + find Zoom info 

House Executive Depts & Administration Committee 

  • 1:45pm, HB 283, proclaiming April 11 as Wentworth Cheswell Day. Read more about Wentworth here (SUPPORT).
  • 2pm, HB 84, declaring May 21 as Ona “Oney” Judge Day and naming the new terminal at Portsmouth international airport at Pease in her honor. (SUPPORT) Read more about Ona here. (Honoring our Black ancestors)
  • 2:15pm, HB 155, renaming Columbus Day as Indigenous People’s Day (SUPPORT).  For above bills, click here to sign in to support and/or testify + find Zoom info

Tuesday, February 23rd: 

House Education Committee

  • 9:15am, HB 500, relative to reducing school food waste and addressing child hunger (SUPPORT) – click here to sign in and/or testify + find Zoom info  

Wednesday, February 24th and Thursday, February 25th

*See other important bill hearings coming up this week HERE

Highlights from Last Week

  • The hearing on HB 544, a bill that would punish schools or any government-funded agency or organization for speaking out about racism, turned into a debate about critical race theory. Please contact committee members and tell them to give an “Inexpedient to Legislate” (ITL) recommendation for this bill (kill the bill). Here is a list of committee members. 
  • The anti-abortion bills got an ITL recommendation, which is an important win!
  • The HB-20 school voucher bill was retained and will not be brought back up until next session. This is a short term win.
  • An additional $10 million will go toward affordable housing through SB 152 – another win! 
  • HB 579, a bill on immigration checkpoints, was retained and will be brought up next session (not what we would have liked; but at least it was not killed). 
  • No committee recommendation has been made yet on the omnibus bill SB 149, which contains legislation that includes important provisions to address NH’s overdose crisis by creating harm reduction sites. 
  • HB 112, creating a study committee on the effects of deportation on families in New Hampshire, received an ITL (was killed)
  • HB563, on creating a study committee to study a living wage, received an ITL.
  • HB590, on paid sick time, received an ITL.