Welcome back to our weekly legislative update, from RAD NH Movement Politics Director Asma Elhuni! This week, we’ve got three actions you can take to urge state and federal legislators to support housing, economic and climate justice; a list of the top NH bill hearings to testify on; and tips to help you in this process. As always, if you want to receive this update to your inbox in the future, make sure to sign up using the form below this post. If you want more in depth information about NH legislative advocacy, sign up for the weekly update session led by our Lakes Region chapter!

Top Actions You Can Take This Week

  1. Housing Justice – Click to tell Gov. Sununu: Use Federal Funds to Address Our Housing Crisis!
  2. Raise the Wage – Click to urge our NH Congressional Delegation to cosponsor the Raise the Wage Act!
  3. Climate JusticeClick to tell Biden to include the entire THRIVE Agenda in his economic recovery plan!

Bills to Testify On This Thursday

The following bills will be heard on Thursday, February 18th:

Senate Health & Human Services Committee:

 House Executive Depts. & Admin Committee:

** See other important bill hearings coming up this week here **

Tips for Taking Action

Testifying: Please sign in as soon as you can to register your position for any of these bills. They start taking sign-ups a week in advance. If you do not register to testify by 8am on the morning of the hearing you will likely be denied the opportunity.

Senate Hearings:

House Hearings:

To call and email your representatives directly:

Highlights From Last Week

  • The full senate voted to pass the dangerous Right to Work (for less) bill, SB 61. It will now go to the House, where a House version is being introduced this week. Please reach out to your representatives and demand they vote against this bill. 
  • The Transportation committee heard testimony against HB 587, which would require immigration status to be listed on identification cards. 
  • The Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee heard testimony on HB 579, which would require that immigration checkpoints be publicly announced. 
  • All Raise the Wage bills that had a hearings last week failed, we are hoping HB 517 will pass when its assigned a committee.
  • Governor Sununu gave his recommended Budget address on Thursday, February 11th. Watch full his full speech or read about it here.