Every week, RAD NH Movement Politics Director Asma Elhuni is providing a legislative update to help you stay up to date on key bill hearings and how to make your voice heard. This week, wages and workers rights are a big part of the agenda. Sign up on the form below this blog post to receive this update to your inbox each week. If you want to take action, but are feeling uncertain about the legislative process, check out the weekly legislative update and training offered by our Lakes Region chapter!

Federal Action Steps – Raise the Wage!

We are calling on our NH Congressional delegation to co-sponsor the federal Raise the Wage Act, which would establish one fair minimum wage of $15/hr for ALL and abolish the subminimum wage for tipped workers. Join us on Monday, February 8th in urging Senators Hassan and Shaheen, and US Reps Pappas and Kuster, to ensure that this bill is included in its entirety in the final American Rescue Plan. Fill out THIS FORM to send a pre-formatted email directly to all four legislators!

Bills We Are Watching This Week

  • Thursday at 10am: SB 61, Right to Work for Less: Corporate bill aimed at weakening unions and workers’ rights (OPPOSE)

SB 61 was heard on February 4th in the Senate Commerce Committee. The Bill passed out of committee, and is now going to a full Senate vote on Thursday, February 11th. It is vital that you reach out to your district senator beforehand, to let them know you oppose this bill! You can find your senator here and a sample script here. You can call in to watch Thursday’s vote here

  • Thursday at 11:30am: HB 544, relative to the propagation of divisive concepts (OPPOSE)

This bill would not only keep us from addressing difficult conversations as a state, but would punish people for speaking up about racism or our long history of oppression. Register to speak and/or state your position HERE. Join the webinar AT THIS LINK or dial in at 1-929-205-6099. If you have questions or technical issues during the hearing, you can email hcs@leg.state.nh.us or call (603-271-3600).

  • Thursday at 1pm: Three living wage bills will be heard for a second time (SUPPORT ALL THREE)
    • HB563, establishes a living wage study committee 
    • HB107, raises the minimum wage to $22.50/hr
    • HB501, raises wages for adjunct faculty of the university and community college systems of NH 

You can find raise the wage talking points here. Register your position or send testimony here. You will not have an opportunity to speak on these three bills because it is the second hearing, but please take the time to register your position! Join the webinar AT THIS LINK or dial in at 1-929-205-6099. If you have questions or technical issues during the hearing, you can email hcs@leg.state.nh.us or call (603-271-3600).

  • Friday at 9am: HB 172, to establish a greenhouse gas emission reduction plan (SUPPORT)

New Hampshire is not on track to reduce our carbon emissions by any standards recommended by climate scientists. HB 172 would establish greenhouse gas emission reduction goals for the state and establish a climate action plan. To sign in and support this bill, and to register to testify, click HERE. Call in to the hearing using this link.

  • Check out THIS LINK for more important bill hearings happening this week, including on five anti-abortion bills that will be in committee on Tuesday and Wednesday. The document also includes additional tips for taking action! 

Highlights From Last Week

  • Legislators heard Raise the Wage bills. There were no recommendations on any of the bills, but HB 107, 563, and 501 will be heard this Thursday at 1pm in the Labor, Industrial and Rehabilitative Services Committee.
  • Good news: the Health and Human Services Committee voted “ought to pass” on SB 98-FN, which would expand SNAP benefits for NH residents.
  • Bad news: Criminal Justice and Public Safety heard three racist “stand your ground” bills. Sadly, they passed HB 81, and they voted ITL (killing the bill) for HB 145 as they work on HB 197, which will likely be heard this week, but is not on the calendar yet.