A throwback to last winter taking action in front of Maggie Hassan’s office.

Heather was featured in the Concord Monitor highlighting the need for major structural change in our healthcare system.

NHPR and the Concord Monitor also covered the release of our Medicaid Barriers report, Sick of Waiting.

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This February, we are celebrating leadership across our movement. We’re seeing mounting interest in running for local office and grassroots organizing in both states, and we are excited to keep growing the work of our Grassroots Leadership Academy to support, educate, and motivate movement leaders.

Within our staff, we are delighted to introduce you to our new State Directors, Alison Nihart in Vermont and Ed Taylor in New Hampshire! Both have held numerous leadership roles at Rights & Democracy, from helping launch campaigns and steering our electoral organizing to serving on our Board of Directors and state leadership committees. They are key voices in our movement, and we’re thrilled to be starting the year with them in these roles.

This month, The Washington Examiner wrote a great feature on a new Medicaid barriers report that our healthcare justice team worked hard on alongside Columbia University researchers and our national partners, The Center for Popular Democracy. Big wins all around – and we’re just getting started.

If you’ve thought about expanding your advocacy and joining our growing movement, please consider becoming a member today. Our members are key voices in our electoral endorsement process and our grassroots lobbying; we need you at the table. Now’s the time to join!

Stay tuned for some big announcements later this month!

In solidarity,

Ali Brokenshire

Leadership Development Manager

Another victory for the Healthcare Justice team with the passage of a Medicare For All Resolution from the Keene City Council in January!

Among the RAD leaders and electeds who have been hard at work on this are; Jim Murphy, Amy Hathaway, Dr. Ahmed Kutty, Dr. Carl De Matteo, and Brittany Shannahan.

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