The Manchester Housing Alliance acknowledges Mayor Joyce Craig and her administration for their Request for Proposals (RFP) allocating $4,700,000 towards affordable housing. This is the largest investment in affordable housing in decades and a step in the right direction towards combating the housing crisis. These requests would include:

  • Implementing a Housing First Model to address houselessness. According to the national Coalition to End Homelessness, Housing First is both economical and 75-91% effective at keeping the housing insecure and unhoused sheltered.
  • Housing for those making between 30-80% the area’s median income on total housing costs.
  • Housing for those with accessibility needs
  • Rehabilitation of existing units without displacing tenants

We appreciate Mayor Craig for leading New Hampshire on housing and addressing the growing number of houseless individuals in our state. In addition to this funding, we’d like to praise Mayor Craig and the City for: 

  • Forming An Affordable housing Task force in 2020 with two of our members serving on it
  • Releasing the Affordable Housing Task Force Report in 2021 and stating that “Housing is a human right.” in it. There were also many great recommendations in it that we support.
  • Hiring Director of Homeless Initiatives Schonna Green, an experienced and highly qualified expert in housing.
  • Proposing the creation of a Housing Commission in Manchester

This is a win for affordable housing and its advocates. As you know, money alone cannot solve the problem. Providing the resources to increase the amount of affordable housing in the city is only the first step. Solving the crisis will rely on the entire community standing behind this initiative.