Leadership Committee



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Frost head shot - Sherry Frost


Sherry is a progressive activist and educator working in the Seacoast area of NH. Her professional focus is race and history in the U.S., particularly the colonial era and the Civil Rights movement, and she has done a significant amount of anti-racist study and practice. She will serve her final term in the NH House of Representatives in the 20-22 term.

Sebastian Fuentes


Sebastian, an immigrant from Peru, landed in NH right after 9/11. During those hard times, Sebastian started to understand the meaning of being an American and what it represents. In 2016 he became a U.S Citizen and started to being passionate about issues that affect him directly like Immigration and Racism. By studying those issues Sebastian realized all other issues were interconnected. Criminal Justice, Economic Justice are some of them. He joined the Occupy Inauguration Team with the Equality Coalition out of Philadelphia protesting the Donald Trump Inauguration in D.C. Came back to Northern NH and together with a group of local progressive activists they started a Community group called For the People by the People. They organized rallies and marches across northern NH.  Sebastian also volunteers for the ACLU and goes around to give an Ask an Immigrant Anything discussion where people of all areas ask questions regarding his personal experience. He joined Rights & Democracy because they were the only organization to went up to the North Country and listened. RAD has the tools and the people to truly give us a voice.

Marcia Garber


Marcia is a nurse, wife, mom, and rebel living in Manchester, NH. “My liberation depends on your liberation”. Honored and privileged to do the “work”.



Nicolette is a vocal advocate in the Lakes Region focusing on Education (Funding) Reform and Environmental Issues including green energy solutions and clean water access. She is a married mother of two boys, an avid traveler, and a garden designer working across the state with a special interest in permaculture and native plantings. Whenever she’s not writing you can expect to find her pulling weeds. Much like bad policies they can’t be left to seed.

Amy Hathaway


Amy is the co-chair of the Rights & Democracy Project’s Board of Directors. She comes to this work with early experiences with activism at home. She grew up in a liberal Quaker Meeting in CT, and observed her mother’s deep involvement in the Sanctuary movement of the 1970’s and 80’s. She moved to New Hampshire in 1980 to attend a small Quaker school built on active and intentional community, focused on integrating farming, communal living and progressive education. She has been inspired by RAD and has grown into a leadership role over the last two years, and she is excited to continue my learning as an organizer and be an active part of making decisions that feed RAD’s vision and goals. Above all, she values building community and collaboration.

Mark King


Mark was born into a Union family; democracy in the workplace has colored his approach to life. He received a BA in Labor Studies (studying the Political Economy of Labor and Labor History) from the National Labor College, a school run by the AFL-CIO. He has a Masters in Organizational Development and Knowledge Management earned at George Mason University. He has been active in his Local and at the state level of AFT-NH. He is a NH AFL-CIO District Coordinator, a volunteer position that, with other activists enables efforts across the state to stand up for working people and their families. He served as a Labor surrogate for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, and was elected as a pledged Sanders delegate to the Democratic National Convention. He is currently serving his second term as a NH State Representative from Nashua Ward 6.



Regan grew up in Massachusetts, but has called New Hampshire home for almost twenty years. She has two sons; Thomas who is 26, and Ethan, who would be 13 if he was still here. She studied history in college, but it is her experience as a mom that inspires her to be an active and engaged citizen. She is especially passionate about the issues of disability rights, access to health care, and saving our democracy. She is excited to help RAD fight for a future that works for all of us.


Laura is a wife, mother and Nana of 12 with another on the way. Laura and her husband Ken bought their retirement home and moved to Temple in 2014 only to find out that a fossil fuel company wanted to build an 80,000 HP Compressor station near her new home.  Working together with many pipeline committees they were able to stop this project. In 2015 she met Anthony Prozik and joined Rights & Democracy and has been a member since. Laura is on the national leadership board of March On/Wearemarchon.org  She started March On NH and with many friends put together the 2018 Together We Rise Women’s Rally. She worked alongside many organizations to put together the 2019 3rd Annual NH Women’s Rally. Beyond RAD she is a member of the NH Chapter of the Sierra Club, the Temple Renewable Energy Committee, the Temple Democrats and the Hillsborough County Democratic Committee.

Jim Murphy


Jim was one of the founding members of Monadnock Progressive Alliance and he is on the Leadership Team. He is a retired Oncology Nurse and formed the MPA Healthcare subgroup. This group has put special emphasis on promoting Medicare for All. He has been active to help organize MPA/RAD events such as The Medicaid for All Forum at KSC, Building a Progressive Movement with Nina Turner at KSC and RAD Membership Assembly and MPA Power Summit 2018. He is a photographer and has documented and shared many MPA/RAD events.

Jodi Newell


Jodi lives in Keene with her two little boys and her pup, Buddy. She’s blessed to have a job that she enjoys at a homeless shelter in Massachusetts and devotes as much time as she can to advancing progressive candidates & policies.

Eric Rasmussen


Eric is an engineer with over two decades of experience working in the non-profit world on STEM-related programs. He began his involvement in politics in 2015, as a volunteer for Bernie Sanders, and has continued to answer the call since then. He now volunteers for Rights & Democracy, serves as the vice-chair on his town Democratic Committee, and coordinates with nearby towns and candidates as part of the D38 Democratic Alliance. Eric’s goals are not just to champion progressive candidates and policies, but to strengthen and/or reform the institutions that serve as gatekeepers to electability and legislation. also Eric also serves as an At-Large member of the Rights & Democracy Project’s Board of Directors.

Tim Smith


Tim is a State Representative from Manchester Ward 10. Growing up, part of an impoverished family that moved around quite a bit, Tim lived in extreme poverty until the age of ten. He lived in NH, ME, FL, and MA before his mother finally settled in Milford New Hampshire where Tim lived until graduating high school. As a young adult, Tim worked full time while attending college, as well as flying lessons, during his off-hours, and was the first person in several generations of his family to graduate college. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in management at the end of 2007. His career is in the field of Information Technology. During his professional career he has worked for a variety of high-tech companies here in New Hampshire such as Degree Controls, Barlo Signs, and AdvantEdge, as well as in the non-profit sector. In his personal time he studies economics (and is a member of the American Economic Association), aviation, and world history, as well as enjoying various hobbies such as sport shooting and board games.