It’s clear: Candidates in the 2020 elections must respond to the needs of people, not big money and wealthy corporations.

This election will be won at the grassroots and Granite Staters have a crucial role to play as host to the first-in-the-nation presidential primary.

So, let your voices be heard! 

That’s why Rights & Democracy New Hampshire (RADNH), the New Hampshire Youth Movement (NHYM), and People’s Action to hold a People’s Presidential Forum this October.

The forum is part of the statewide People’s Priorities 2020 that will reach thousands of Granite State families in the coming months. We want to ensure their voices and priorities are front and center during the 2020 presidential election.

More than 3,000 people are expected at the forum to hear how candidates respond to their concerns.

Candidates will be invited onstage for real conversations with everyday people about big solutions to the struggles facing the multiracial working class.

What Are the Issues We’re Talking About?

  • Improved Medicare for All
  • A 100% Just Green New Deal
  • Homes Guarantee
  • Free College for All

What: The People’s Presidential Forum of New Hampshire

When: Oct. 13, 2019. Doors open at Noon, forum is from 2-4:30PM.

Where: Field House, University of New Hampshire, 145 Main Street, Durham, NH

Who: Hosted by Rights & Democracy, New Hampshire Youth Movement, and People’s Action

Why:  To ensure that candidates respond to the top priorities of the people.

“The 2020 election is clearly the most important election for president in our country’s history, and certainly one in which the fate of our planet hangs in the balance,” said Amy Hathaway of Keene, New Hampshire, co-chair of Rights & Democracy’s board of directors. “There is too much at stake to leave behind the voices of those most impacted by the policies being debated.

“It’s time to put the needs of the people and the planet first and ensure that our next president speaks for all of us and is ready to work with us to move our country forward – from universal health care and livable wages to clean air, clean water, and a clean energy future,” Hathaway added.

Reserve your seat in the form below & we’ll follow up with ticket details in the comings months. Tickets for the event are free, but are required to get into the venue.

Additional People’s Presidential forums will be held in Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, and by Student Action.

About the sponsors

Rights & Democracy is a member-led, grassroots organization whose mission is to bring people together to take action in building healthy communities and to ensure the values of our communities guide the policies of our government.

New Hampshire Youth Movement is bringing youth together to build a better future of the state, and have created a platform of policies that represents a state where young people thrive.

People’s Action is one of the largest and most influential organizing networks in the country.