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The People of New Hampshire & Vermont Can Change the World


I’m please to report that our vision of how a movement for Rights & Democracy (RAD) in Vermont and New Hampshire can change the world is becoming reality.


I wanted to let you know that together we are creating change that not only impacts the lives of people in our community, but increasingly our country and the world.


We are only able to do this work if we are supported by the people who believe in the need for this change. We were given an extraordinary opportunity where some of our major supporters said they would match dollar for dollar all the small gifts (up to a total of $25,000) that we received from now until the end of the year.


Thanks to everyone who has risen to meet this challenge, we only have $3000 more to raise hit our mark!


Can you give $27, $50, or $100 to help us meet our goal?


It is because of your support that RAD is emerging as the region’s major member-led organization uniting people in their struggle to create progressive public policy changes across multiple, interconnected issues, and to elect candidates who will lead on those issues.


In just two years, RAD has played an instrumental role in huge state level victories, including:

  • Legislative wins:

    • Election day voter registration (‘15 - VT)

    • Automatic voter registration (‘16 - VT)

    • Paid sick days (‘16 - VT)

    • Defeating so-called “Right-to-Work” legislation (‘17 - NH)

    • Acupuncture detox (‘17 - NH)

  • Election victories:

    • Progressive David Zuckerman wins Lt. Governor (‘16 - VT)

    • Democrat Maggie Hassan narrowly defeats Republican Kelly Ayotte in US Senate Race (‘16 - NH)

    • Democrat Andru Volinsky wins Executive Committee seat (‘16 - NH)

    • RAD founding leaders Selene Colburn wins Vermont House seat (‘16 - VT) and Ali Dieng wins Burlington City Council seat (‘17 - VT)


I am honored to work with an incredible team of staff and member leaders as we work to have these victories make even bigger victories possible.


In 2018, we will continue working to win state-level victories and being part of the national resistance. This includes resisting the attacks on Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare by sending our members directly impacted by these threats to Washington, DC to demonstrate and speak truth to power.


In Vermont, we will continue to lead the charge to move Vermont’s minimum wage to a livable wage, win family and medical leave insurance, advance efforts to address racial bias in the criminal and juvenile justice systems, and push for universal health care starting with a focus on primary care and the expansion of public health programs, and much more.


In New Hampshire we will focus on a collaborative projects called LEAD NH and Grassroots Democracy Initiative, which will ground our work in the challenges facing families in New Hampshire's rural communities. We seek to build a grassroots network of relationships throughout the state, and begin the long process on creating a pipeline of potential candidates and political organizers. We will also work with others to fight back school voucher legislation, and provide key protections for our transgender friends and neighbors, and much more.


We have our work cut out for us. Reactionary forces have exploited cultural resentment, racial anxiety, and racism to pit Americans against one another, maintain corporate dominance, and perpetuate structural inequality.


Our organizing opportunity lies in political education, shifting the public narrative, and building an agenda that directly confronts racial animus and divisive politics by promoting interdependence, dismantling systems of structural oppression, and building an economy that puts people and the planet before profits.


Please make your contribution $27, $50, or $100 which will be matched dollar for dollar to double your impact! 

Onward together,

James Haslam

PS: If you would like to make a tax-deductible gift this year, check out the Rights & Democracy Education Fund to support grassroots organizing, public education and progressive policy research.

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