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James_Haslam.jpg JAMES HASLAM, Executive Director

James co-founded Rights & Democracy after serving as the Executive Director at the Vermont Workers’ Center for over 15 years. He has extensive experience in running grassroots legislative advocacy campaigns, labor and community organizing. Contact:

Isaac_Grimm.JPG ISAAC GRIMM, Organizing Director

Since it's inception, Isaac has helped build RAD as canvass director, lead organizer, and political engagement director in Vermont, knocking doors around the state, building organizing teams, and then coordinating lobbying, coalition building and statewide electoral campaigns. Previously, he worked as co-canvass director with the Working Families Party and organizer for SEIU helping thousands of adjunct faculty form a union. A University of Vermont (UVM) grad and former Vermont Workers’ Center intern, he also worked as a high school social studies teacher in Cali, Colombia for 5 years. He can be reached at

kevin_pentz.jpg KEVIN PENTZ, Lead Organizer

Kevin Pentz and his family have lived in Kentucky for the last 20 years. He has worked as an organizer for Kentuckians For The Commonwealth, first as a chapter organizer for several counties in eastern Kentucky and more recently as an issue organizer focused on resource extraction issues related primarily to coal mining. Before that he worked briefly as an organizer for Montana People’s Action in Bozeman MT. Kevin and his wife, Amy, have a two year old son, Eli. They are all looking forward to exploring the New Hampshire woods. Kevin’s family has owned a camp on Norton Pond in the northeast corner of Vermont since the early 60’s.

Kathy.jpg KATHY STAUB, Field Representative

Kathy is a lifelong resident of Manchester, NH. She has been a public education advocate for over 15 years and served two terms on the Manchester School Board. Contact:

Heather_biopic.jpg HEATHER STOCKWELL, Grassroots Organizer

Heather has been a resident of New Hampshire for almost 50 years. She attended college in Boston and New York, only to return to New Hampshire after her studies. She currently lives in her hometown where she started her own family in the house she grew up in. She is one of the founding members of the Monadnock Progressive Alliance, a local chapter of Rights & Democracy NH. She aspires to apply what she's learned over the last two years by using these experiences across the Granite State. Contact:

molly.jpg MOLLY GROVER, Digital Communications Coordinator

Molly has been a New Hampshire resident since 2016. When Bernie Sanders announced his presidential candidacy, she got involved as a leader in the online grassroots group Women for Bernie Sanders. Later, she wrote articles and produced graphics for online activism platforms such as the Trump Resistance Movement, The Talk on Main St,, and She is looking forward to making a difference in the Granite State. Contact:

Straw_Hat.jpeg CHLOÉ LACASSE, Media Production Coordinator

Chloé comes to Rights & Democracy through our Transgender Organizing Leadership Development (TOLD) program. She was introduced to RAD during an art exhibit featuring transgender artists in early 2017 and her work as an emcee and presenter at a variety of RAD's rallies has helped her find her voice. Chloé owned her own video production business for several years, producing compelling content for local businesses and non-profits alike. She is looking forward to creating inspirational pieces of media for RAD highlighting the people and stories of New Hampshire & Vermont. Together our collective voices will be heard. And together we as a community can bring about meaningful change for all. Together We Win! Contact:

Barb_Hynes.jpg BARB HYNES, Education Justice Organizer

Over the past year and a half, Barb has been involved in RAD serving on the Leadership Committee, and earlier this year joined the Education Fund Board and Movement Politics Committee. While she will miss serving on the Board, she is excited at the opportunity to be working full-time with the staff organizing the NH Education Justice Project. With a B.A. in Philosophy and a Master of Public Administration, Barb is always up for a discussion on anything from the meaning of life to how to increase voter turnout. She has spent most of her professional life working in public school districts in a number of capacities. Most recently, she served as a Special Education Secretary at a Pre-K through 1st Grade school and saw firsthand how valuable early interventions can be to the educational career of a student. Contact:


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