A Very Special Election - July 25 - Rights and Democracy NH

A Very Special Election for All Granite Staters

Rights & Democracy is talking with voters in Bow, Candia, Dunbarton, Hooksett, and Manchester Wards 1, 2, and 12 in support of the election of Kevin Cavanaugh for State Senate District 16.

Our values and our communities are at stake in this election. We need to send a progressive to the State Senate. No matter where in the Granite State you live, you can have a significant impact on the outcome of this election.

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Why Kevin Cavanaugh for State Senate?

Current Manchester Ward 1 Alderman Kevin Cavanaugh is running for State Senate in District 16. Kevin is a longtime youth sports coach and advocate for working families. He grew up and raised his family in Manchester and has spent the last 32 years working as a union employee in the telecommunications industry.

      We support Kevin because he will:

  • fight the opioid addiction crisis with expanded access to treatment and recovery. He’ll champion working families by investing in infrastructure and supporting access to affordable, quality healthcare;
  • support our public education system by bolstering science, technology, math and arts;
  • work to reduce the cost of college for our young people and support the move to full day kindergarten.

A Very Special Election for All Granite Staters - No Matter Where You Live

Whether or not you live in Senate District 16, your community and your life will be affected by the outcome of this election. The Republican party has retained control of the State Senate, with negative consequences for us all. In 2016, the late Scott McGilvary was able to flip Senate District 16 from Republican to Democrat. With the passing of State Senator McGilvary, we lost an important leader in our state, and a foothold in the long path towards taking back the State Senate. 

Taking control of the State Senate from the Republican Party will be a critical part of advancing progressive values in New Hampshire. Retaining this seat in Democratic control will not give us the majority we need, but it will make our path to ending Republican control easier, and passing legislation that will help our families and communities prosper, including increasing the minimum wage, investing in education and in our health, and protecting the air we breath and the water we drink.

More Than Just This Election - The Long Term Vision At Stake

The field program is an independent expenditure field program. This means that we are talking with voters door to door about issues that matter to us and our movement, and why we believe that Kevin Cavanaugh is the right person to send to the State Senate. We do this without coordinating with Kevin's campaign nor with the Democratic Party.

Being independent from the candidate and the party allows us to have deeper conversations with a larger group of voters and community members, so we can continue to build a long term movement. While the candidate is focused on this election, we can talk about it in the context of the long term movement we envision, and how we use this and other elections to build a New Hampshire that is for us all. 

This is especially important for those who are frustrated with politics right now, or think their vote or their participation does not matter. We talk with voters about the issues that affect their lives, and what really matters to them. Then we can help them see how elections and candidates can be vehicles to make a difference in those issues. Elections and candidates are means, not ends, and we need to think of them as a big picture over time - not individually - in order to make the changes we really need. Being an independent program allows us to have these deeper conversations that are more in line with our values.


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