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School Voucher Bill Could Annually Rob NH Public Schools of $32 Million

A bill that could drain up to $32 million from Granite State’s public schools will be voted on next week in the House Education Committee and we are urging folks to call some key State Representatives to help defeat it!

The bill was supposed to be taken up on Nov. 8th, but calls from citizens helped to stall its approval as some committee members remain undecided, or are having second thoughts about supporting the legislation. They are now expected to take this up at their Wednesday, Nov. 15th meeting.

The committee's undecided members include the following:

1200px-New_Hampshire_State_House_5.JPGRepublicans on the House Education Committee did not have the necessary votes to move the bill forward. It's likely that one more amendments will be proposed to address concerns of some committee members. One proposal could be to limit the cap on the number of students in each school district that can access the vouchers.

Regardless of these amendments the fundamental purpose of the bill has not changed. This egregious bill would drain money from our public schools by enabling parents to receive 95 percent of the per-pupil state grant, or about $3,600, that would otherwise go to the student’s designated public school district. This money could be used by parents to cover tuition or other costs associated with educating their child in a private school, or in a home-school setting. The loss of funding to this state’s public schools is estimated to range from $6.3 million to $32 million to start, and only gets worse over time.

Take a stand in support of our public schools and please email or these representatives and urge them to oppose SB 193 and support funding for our public schools.

Click here to see all members of the House Education Committee, and spread the word to your friends and family throughout the state.

Thank you for standing up for public education in New Hampshire, a bedrock of our democracy and civil society.

If you have questions, contact RAD-NH Lobbyist Kerry Coock at, or call him at (603) 724-4000.

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