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Rights & Democracy Endorsed & Recommended Candidates

Rights & Democracy (RAD) is encouraging everyone to get out and vote for these RAD-endorsed and recommended candidates this November!

We need these community leaders elected so they can champion policies to defend public education, access to health care, paid family and medical leave benefits, protect voting rights, and ensure basic human rights for all Granite Staters.

A little bit about the process:

Endorsed candidates: They applied for our endorsement, and their applications were reviewed by an endorsement committee made up of RAD member leaders. Some, given past work with RAD, were endorsed. A handful were voted on by the full membership.

Recommended candidates: In two races - Congress and Governor - there wasn't sufficient time to have the candidates fill out an endorsement application and be voted on by our full membership. So our endorsement committee, and Board, voted to recommend the candidates.

We've added links, where available, to the candidate's election page so you can get more information about how to help them win!

You can also sign up to become one of our Get Out the Vote volunteers!

Questions? Email me Kathy Staub at kathy@radnh.org


US House

Chris Pappas - Recommended



Molly Kelly - Recommended


Executive Council

Andru Volinksky, Executive Council (District 2)


State Senate

Dan Feltes, Senate District 15

Jenn Alford-Teaster, Senate District 8


House Races

Julie Radhakrishnan, Amherst District 22

Ed Butler, Carroll Distritct 7

Sparky Von Plinsky, Cheshire District 7

Pat Brady Martin, Cheshire District 11

Cathleen Fountain, Coos District 7

Sallie Fellows, Grafton District 8

Heidi Hamer, Hillsborough District 17

Tim Smith, Hillsborough District 17

Dan Westervelt, Hillsborough District 20

Laura Lynch, Hillsborough District 25

Jan Schmidt, Hillsborough District 28

Trish Klee, Hillsborough District 30

Mark King, Hillsborough District 33

Barbara Blue, Hillsborough District 37

Jim Bosman, Hillsborough District 38

Chris Balch, Hillsborough District 38

Candace Moulton, Hillsborough District 44

Connie Van Houten, Hillsborough District 45

Bonnie Wright, Rockingham District 8

Sean Lewis, Rockingham District 8

Ellen Read, Rockingham District 17

Renny Cushing, Rockingham District 21

Manny Krasner, Strafford District 2

Gerri Cannon, Strafford District 18

Claudia Istel, Sullivan District 7



Elizabeth Ropp, Hillsborough Register of Probate

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