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RAD Endorsed! Manchester Municipal Candidates Edition

Rights & Democracy New Hampshire is please to announce its endorsements for candidates in the upcoming municipal elections in Manchester.

RAD NH's Movement Politics team - comprised of community members - spent time reading through candidate questionnaires and interviewing the candidates before making their endorsements.

One of RAD's long-term goals is to not just work on issues, but help elect the next generation of leaders who will build a better New Hampshire.

In order to change the course of our state, and our nation, we need to be building power at all levels of electoral politics—and especially at the local level on our school boards, councils, and aldermanic boards.

RAD is proud to endorse these candidates who have proven that they will put the health and future of their community first, and will work on policies that lift up their neighbors, rather than divide them.

We also recently announced endorsements in Nashua's municipal elections. If you are a candidate would like to know more about being endorsed by RAD NH, just email elections@radnh.org


Board of Alderman

Peter Macone – Ward 6 Alderman

Brenda Noiseux – Ward 7 Alderwoman

Hassan Essa – Ward 12 Alderman


School Committee

David Scannell – Ward 2 School Committee

Dan Bergeron - Ward 6 School Committee

Ethan Moorhouse – Ward 7 School Committee

Thomas McGee – Ward 10 School Committee

Connie VanHouten – Ward 12 School Committee



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