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Tech Support Crew

Tech Support crew would support meetings, events, and house parties solve the challenges of video conferencing and live-stream.

This team needs people who are tech savvy, or at least not technology averse. Millennials, and others, who really know how to use the features on their mobile devices and end up de facto tech support for their Grandma are perfect candidates. So is anyone else who has a working knowledge of hardware and applications for video-conferencing, remote meeting places, etc. You need not be a pro. If this field interests you, you could "apprentice" (so sorry - that used to not be a bad word :P ) on this crew and learn from someone more advanced before you venture out on your own.

The "product" of this crew would be that someone having a house party, for instance, could have help with the technology for their event. Not every host or hostess is wired to also be "live-stream adept". Someone on this crew might join a watch party in their area in order to help make sure the host or hostess can concentrate on the event and the guests. This would allow people to host an event who might otherwise be overwhelmed with the thought of the technology involved. A member of this crew might also go to a rally and live-stream the event for others to see.

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  • Peri Stockinger
    commented 2017-09-14 09:39:30 -0400
    They might also advise on challenges and possibilities related to particular venues for particular types of events. (Can someone effectively live-stream outdoors at night? Actually, I have no idea if this is possible.)
  • Peri Stockinger
    published this page in Brainstorm 2017-09-14 09:33:52 -0400

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