Hundreds gather for transgender equality rally in Manchester - Rights & Democracy NH

Hundreds gather for transgender equality rally in Manchester

Hundreds of people took part in a rally for transgender equality in Manchester's Victory Park.

The rally came after President Trump called for a ban on transgender people from serving in the military but organizer said it was not solely based on that.

Organizers said they're looking at a more local approach to Transgender rights.

New Hampshire lawmakers voted to table a controversial bill concerning transgender rights earlier this year, which was a big topic of discussion at the rally.

The bill would have banned discrimination based on someone's identity. Opponents of the bill said it would have unintended consequences over the use of public bathrooms.

Supporters said it would have extended non-discrimination protections already on the books.

Those who attended Saturday's rally called on state officials to take up the issue again.

"We are working towards making sure that in the next three to four years we have candidates in place that are going to be advocating for us," said rally-attendee Helena Iaquinta. "We don't want to keep responding. We want to be ahead of the game."

The advocacy group Rights and Democracy held today's rally and plan to hold similar events in the future.


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