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May 06, 2017
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Report Shows GOP Repeal Would Inflict Large-Scale Health and Economic Harm - RAD calls on the Governor for Action

As Republicans in Congress move forward with their plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act, RAD NH continues to urge the New Hampshire Congressional delegation as well as our Republican Governor Chris Sununu to reject repeal. Opposition to the Republican health care plan is bolstered by the report, "A Cost Too High: The financial harm of the Republican plan to eliminate health care". 

Over 118,000 people depend on the Affordable Care Act for coverage in New Hampshire. The report compiles data about the specific impacts of repeal for covered people as well as broader impacts for jobs, hospitals and doctors, and New Hampshire’s economy and budget.

As repeal efforts continue in Washington, DC, there is still no clear plan for replacement of the ACA that would guarantee affordable coverage for all, provide the same protections against gender discrimination and discrimination for pre-existing conditions that exist in the ACA, and that lowers costs for more people while providing quality care. In addition to repealing the ACA, Republicans are discussing plans to dismantle Medicaid and privatize Medicare.

Granite Staters can act with us to fight this disaster. Sign the petition to push Governor Sununu to fight for you and your family by publicly opposing the Republican back American Health Care Act.


Click here to read the report, "A Cost Too Far: The financial harm of the Republican plan to eliminate health care". 

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