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Family Friendly Economy

We are partners on the Family Friendly Economy to raise the minimum wage, ensure access to affordable childcare and win paid sick days and paid family leave.

With family budgets stretched thin, the answer for most families is more work—longer hours, more jobs and less time to be with our families. That’s why the Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy is fighting for policies that invest in our families so they, in turn, can invest in our communities and help build a stronger, more prosperous economy that works for everyone.

To build a family friendly economy, we are working to:

  • Provide guaranteed earned sick leave, so workers don’t have to choose between a paycheck and caring for themselves or their families when they’re sick.

  • Fund the paid family and medical leave program, so workers don’t lose their financial stability during periods of hardship.

  • Ensure access to quality, affordable child care, so families aren’t forced to choose between raising their children and joining the workforce.

  • Increase the minimum wage, so workers can afford their basic needs, begin saving for the future, and support our local economy.

ADD YOUR VOICE: Tell the Presidential Candidates:

With the presidential campaign underway, it’s more important now than ever for our voices to be heard.

“I pledge to vote for a candidate who will fight for hard-working families by supporting earned sick leave, paid family and medical leave, affordable childcare, and a higher minimum wage.”


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