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board nominees

Rights and Democracy Project (c4) Board


Brittany Nevins (Chair) - Brittany lives in Burlington, Vermont and recently completed a masters degree at SIT Graduate Institute in Sustainable Development, with a concentration in Policy Advocacy and Analysis. During that time Brittany served as an AmeriCorps member in the role of a Housing Resource Specialist at the Committee on Temporary Shelter (COTS). She currently works as the Northern Field Coordinator for Let's Grow Kids raising awareness about child care issues. She spends her free time challenging her artistic side and staying active in her community. Brittany would like to run for chair of the Political Action Fund board to be able to better build the political revolution in Vermont and New Hampshire. 

Traven Leyshon (Treasurer) - Traven has been a long time supporter of independent working class political action. He currently serves as Communications & Community Engagement Coordinator for the Vermont State Labor Council (AFL-CIO), as President of the Green Mountain Labor Council, and as a member of the Vermont Workers Center. He hosts a weekly radio program, Equal Time, on WDEV that focuses primarily on questions of social, economic and climate justice. He lives in Middlesex, VT.

Jade Fitzgerald (Secretary) - Jade is a long time technology professional with a background in computer security and data analytics; and is a cloud engineer at the moment. She finds her hobby in volunteer work having co-founded both DrawnCon Incorporated and Lunar Solis Corp; both of which are educational 501(c)(3) organizations in support of Animation and the Arts. She has additionally spent time volunteering as an EMT, and began her political organizing with Bernie Sanders NH campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2016. She believes in the people's ability to influence the government they live in, and will assist that fight in any way she can.

Kate Logan (at large)

Sheila Reed (at large) - Sheila recently retired from Voices for Vermont's Children where she was a leader for over 15 years. She worked to promote public policy to enhance the lives of children and youth in Vermont. She has worked as an attorney for several legal services programs, specializing in public benefits programs such as Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, and TANF. Sheila directed a nonprofit women's resource organization that focused on the prevention of domestic and sexual violence and provided assistance to parents looking for child care. She is a founding board member of Public Assets Institute, a think tank to mobilize the power and financial resources of government to advance the public good. She lives in Ryegate, VT.

Mari Cordes (at large)- Mari is a registered nurse and union and community social justice activist. She is the former local president of Vermont Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals and current VP of Healthcare for AFT-Vermont. She co-led on a number of policy issues such as an effort to remove discriminatory health insurance practices for transgender individuals, to strengthen public and regulatory oversight of not-for-profit hospital assets, and in the effort to establish publicly funded health care with no barriers to access for all Vermonters. Her first academic degree was in Natural Resource Management, Economics and Policy, and she serves on the 350VT board. She lives off the grid in the mountains with her husband David.

Elizabeth Ropp (at large) - is a Community Acupuncturist in Manchester, NH and a founding member and volunteer for The People's Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA) since 2011. Since the Occupy Movement, Elizabeth has been involved with local activism in New Hampshire regarding campaign finance reform, ending the revolving door of lobbying, and ending the immigrant detention quota system. Elizabeth was on the New Hampshire Steering Committee for the Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign, and also organized grassroots efforts to promote Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire. She lives in Manchester, NH. 

Jan Schaffer (at large) - Jan works for the national AFL-CIO. She is currently the Governance, Organizational and Leadership Development Coordinator for the Northeast. She works with State Federations, Central Labor Bodies and affiliated unions to assist with planning, governance, leadership development and training. From 1989 through 1997 Schaffer was the Political Director for the New Hampshire AFL-CIO. In the 1980s Schaffer was an organizer for the United Auto Workers (UAW) Technical, Office and Professional Workers Department, primarily organizing workers in the academic sector. She has been a member of the United Auto Workers and the American Federation of Teachers. Currently, she is a member of the Communication Workers. She lives in Warner, NH.

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